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Intro to Videography. The idea behind the Fstoppers website was first born back in 2010 when Over the years of producing Fstoppers videos, we have used countless different stabilizers and tripods. Regardless if your goal is to simply add supplemental video to your existing photography company... Catalog > Photo & Video > Videography > Use Your Photography Skills To Master Videography > Difference Between Photography & Videography. When I think about kind of the differences between photography and video I think about it in this way.

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Cinematography is an all-encompassing branch of filmmaking. A great director of photography will define light and space to create the ultimate image. Not only does this include everything moving on the screen, but also the camera movements that are used to communicate with the audience. A photographer creates a photo while a filmmaker creates a sequence. If you're a photographer making the big leap to filmmaking, you'll find yourself at a position of In the past four years, SHOOT! Practical Videography School has mastered the art of teaching filmmaking at very affordable rates.