Smallrig 701lite 702 Lite 702 Anti Twist Dedicated

товар 4 SmallHd 701 Lite 7 Inch HDMI Monitor Great Condition. The 701 Lite has only HDMI connectivity making it perfect for mirroless cameras like the Sony A7sII / A7RII or Canon 5D mark II, while the 702 Lite has Both units retain the familiar image control tools from the 702 Bright including the award-winning Page Building GUI and also 3D LUT support, which is...

Smallrig Monitor Cage With Quick Release Nato Rail Anti Twist Locating Holes For Arri Standard Pins And Dedicated Sunhood For Smallhd 701lite 702 Lite 702 Bright 2131 Camera Photo

Key Features: 1.Provide protection for SmallHD 701Lite,702 Lite,702 Bright monitors. 2.Multiple 1/4", 3/8" and arri 3/8" holes for accessory attachment. 4.Optional cable clamp 1693 to protect the HDMI and SDI port on the back. 5.Dedicated Sunhood included without obstructing the control button. Smallrig Cage + Sonnenblende für SmallHD Monitore: 701Lite, 702 Lite, 702 Bright. Identificarse para realizar el pago y envío. Pagar como invitado.